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  1. Mac vs. PC for Music Recording and Producing — Which is Better? - The Wire Realm
  2. Mac vs. PC for Music Recording and Producing — Which is Better?
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A switch I never regretted since! This was something like 10 years ago, prices has changed a bit but the overal idea remains: And I have to admit I became a Mac fan since, for its sleek user-friendliness. Go Mac if there is some particular software that is only available on Mac.

Mac vs. PC for Music Recording and Producing — Which is Better? - The Wire Realm

In the home studio, I'd need a better reason than Logic Pro. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Mac vs PC for music production Ask Question. I've cleaned up some comments here and on the answers. Everyone, please focus on directly addressing the concerns of the question rather than getting into side discussions about hardware pricing, reliability, etc. Those are certainly factors one would consider when it comes to actually buying a computer, but that is not on-topic.

There are many clear differences, pros and cons, benefits and detractions, and issues, in hardware specifications, software, operating system support, and matters of overall design and execution. But if I were to list any of them at all, I would plunge myself into a religious flame war again.

Mac vs. PC for Music Recording and Producing — Which is Better?

So I'm not commenting further. Once you're running the program you'd be hard-pressed to know which platform you were on. Rockin Cowboy Rockin Cowboy Well, my down vote explanation was deleted, but down votes without comments are a huge pet peeve of mine. It is not a matter of opinion, but is verifiable by anyone willing to take some time and spec out some systems that Macs are not generally more expensive than PCs that have the same specs.

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Also, it is not wise, from a security standpoint, to consider OS X more secure simply because there are fewer exploits that target it. It's almost like security through obscurity, which is not considered security at all by professionals.

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ToddWilcox Thanks for your explanation. I agree that it is not a good idea to forego the anti-virus and I stated that in my answer. I believe it to be an accurate statement that you are less likely to be a target using a Mac - but as I said in the answer I would still want protection. I have not compared the price spec for spec PC vs. Mac but will take your word for it. But still - you can buy PC's for less if for no other reason than they are easier to find on clearance in my experience. Not so a Mac. ToddWilcox But in the interest of improving the content of this site by improving my answer, I edited my answer to remove both of the issues to which you took exception.

I appreciate your insight, wisdom and advice. Down vote retracted due to edit, upvote granted due to overall point that it doesn't really matter that much. ToddWilcox thanks again for sharing your wisdom. And for the upvote: Do you want more right away, or the potential to add more down the road? Your ability to navigate your computer matters more than just about anything. Macs have dominated this space with intuitive design both inside and out.

The applications of the MacBook touchpad alone make navigation and precision control incredibly simple. In Logic Pro, for instance, the touchpad acts as a multi-purpose mixing board, and it feels great. Not to be shorted, the latest versions of Windows have gotten a lot sleeker and more user-friendly, especially for artists. Macs cost more , sometimes by a lot. This is partially due to fantastic branding by Apple, which drives up demand regardless of the product itself.

But the product usually backs up the price. Macs run well, crash infrequently, offer a lot of power out of the gate, feature an intuitive interface and design, and live a long time. With fewer maintenance costs, the price of admission is usually worth it. These machines really are perfect for music production and creative endeavours in general. PCs typically cost less to start with. But, again, if you plan on modifying your hardware or software, the dollars begin to add up. In that case, your PC would likely perform better anyway.

MAC vs PC for Music Production - Best Computer for Music?

PCs might require more maintenance than Macs, but that gap is narrowing as well. And if you did, your PC would take the cake by a long shot. If you want a computer strictly for music production , maybe consider a Mac for its ease of use and built-in features. But if you plan on using your computer for several purposes in addition to music production, get a PC and upgrade it to your liking. The Mac vs PC for music production war rages on, and we all benefit from the competition.

The Best Computers for Music Production

In the end, the winner is us. Hello, good review. I use both, Mac with Sierra not high sierra o mojave, have a lot of issues with old interfaces and with my favorite old plugins and PC with Windows 10, on studio and my home studio. The biggest disadvantage are the limitation form expand the iMac, have a lot of external hard disc via USB3 and Thunderbolt with several hubs sharing everything with audio card and other peripherals, while in PC have all internal with up to 12 sata connector, 4 esata and 6 USB3 and 6 USB2 in the PC tower maintain all in order without the wired-madness.

Another big issue with Mac are the incompatibility with the most of old plugins and old interfaces, while in Windows all run flawless and smooth. Surprising, Focusrite have a lot of issues in Mac, again, while in Windows all run perfect. For now my definitive option are PC, Thank you. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Remember me. Register Lost your password? Make sure you buy with quality in mind though. Very often a newly built PC can suffer from compatibility issues right out of the gate. Combine this with a hard drive array and watch your workflow will blossom. RAM is also a very big consideration when looking at the PC vs. Mac for music production. The iMac offers a 32GB version, which will completely serve this purpose. The PC for music production suffers from a few things like sound bleed from the fans and compatibility issues, but those are all relatively simple to fix. The biggest problem for the PC is upgrade.

Also not to be out done is the video card.

In conclusion of the debate

However, the wrong card can bottleneck your system and destroy your workflow. Expect to spend a few hundred dollars on a decent card. At those price points, you can see that the upgrade tree for the PC can be an expensive endeavor. All of that is also before you begin to get into any compatibility issue you might end up with. In the end, the range of software available for music production is both large and well defined. Most companies today make them compatible with both PC and Mac. We have tried to be impartial in this discussion without going too far into the deep end with specs, drivers and hardware devices that will be connected to these computers for music production, but simply give you an overview of their capabilities and flaws.

Both platforms are very powerful when it comes to music production and with the exciting new technologies on the horizon for both the PC and the Mac the debate between PC vs. Mac will continue long after these technologies become obsolete.