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  1. Share a Folder on Windows
  2. Transferring Files from PC to PC
  3. Set up file sharing on the Mac
  4. Share files between Windows and Mac wirelessly using ShareIt
  5. Share Mouse and Keyboard with multiple Mac and Windows computers.

Use it to drag files. When you've finished, eject your device from Windows.

Share a Folder on Windows

Unplug the USB cable. Restart your computer. Troubleshoot your Android device Update your Android version. Find out how to check and update your Android version. Restart your device. On most phones, press the Power button for about 30 seconds, until your device restarts.

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  4. Share Files Between Two Computers Over WiFi.

Not all USB cables can transfer files. Select 'Edit Locations' from the Location dropdown menu.

Transferring Files from PC to PC

Create a copy of your current active location. Select your active location from the list in the Location sheet.

How to share files between a Mac and a PC

The active location is usually called Automatic and may be the only entry in the sheet. Click the sprocket button and select 'Duplicate Location' from the pop-up menu. Type in a new name for the duplicate location or use the default name, which is 'Automatic Copy. Click the Advanced button. Select the WINS tab. In the Workgroup field, enter the same workgroup name you're using on the PC. Click the OK button.

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  • Click the Apply button. In the Start menu, right-click the Computer link. Select 'Properties' from the pop-up menu. In the System Information window that opens, click the 'Change settings' link in the 'Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings' category. In the System Properties window that opens, click the Change button.

    How to Share Mac Folder & File to Windows PC (Wireless)-Easy

    The button is located next to the line of text that reads 'To rename this computer or change its domain or workgroup, click Change. Remember, the workgroup names must match on the PC and the Mac. Click OK. A status dialog box will open, saying 'Welcome to the X workgroup,' where X is the name of the workgroup you entered earlier. Click OK in the status dialog box.

    Set up file sharing on the Mac

    A new status message will appear, telling you that 'You must restart this computer for the changes to take effect. Close the System Properties window by clicking OK. Restart your Windows PC. Select Start, Control Panels , Programs.

    In the Programs Panel, select 'Turn Windows features on or off. Restart your Windows 7 PC. Select Start, Devices, and Printers.

    Share files between Windows and Mac wirelessly using ShareIt

    In the Printers and Fax list, right-click the printer you wish to share and select 'Printer Properties' from the pop-up menu. In the Printer Properties window, click the Sharing tab. Dropbox is a cloud-based storage app. It helps in bringing the huge files together in one central space and can be synced with any device safely.

    It offers several solutions for individuals and teams with various packages. If you have a Dropbox account, you may send long video from iPhone to any user, and the best part is that the recipient does not need to have a Dropbox account. If you don't know whether to use Dropbox or Google Drive, ll answers are here a. If you wish to send long video from iPhone to people who already have the Dropbox link, whenever you send a new video or file, it can be seen by all in the account making it an easy download instantly.

    Thus, working on various official files through a shared folder gives access to all who have the link making the work faster. Offline access, doc scanners, are some other features that make the collaboration with people very simple. How to send large video files from iPhone using Airdrop?

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    • Airdrop uses low energy Bluetooth 4. The Wi-Fi point to point transfer makes the Airdrop sharing faster, secure, and power-efficient. Few points to note are, you may choose to Airdrop between your contacts or for all. If a person is in your contact, both must be logged into iCloud and if you send it to any random person, you might get prank airdrops. Personal hotspot must be turned off and check if the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi are turned on.

      Share Mouse and Keyboard with multiple Mac and Windows computers.

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