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It will show you care about doing things MAC way. Take care to clean between appts. Watch your time on appts. If it takes you an hour to do someone's face, we will notice. If it is slow, ask what you can do to help. A lot of times there are small things you can do. If you get called, and can't work the shift, call back and tell that you are not available. If you don't call back, they will not call you again. If you call back and say sorry, but thank you. They will appreciate you being considerate. Even if you arne't working an event, stop in anyway.

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Other ideas, observe the permanent girls. And follow their lead. Quote: Originally Posted by CandyApples83 I just started as a freelancer, how often are freelancers paid usually? Originally Posted by thedrinkgirl Let me know what's the scoop on your situation. RahillRaheem New member. I just started as a freelance artist with MAC , no you don't get a discount BUT you can sign up for the macpro card with your paycheck stub and drivers license.

Also if the manager likes you can get old testers when they are dishing those out. I love being a freelance, there's no stress about sales quotas and you are mainly there to do the makeovers while the employees do the sales. I'm not quite sure where to ask this, but I think this is the most relevant topic to my question: I was hired in November as a freelancer, along with a handful of other girls.

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I worked, had an amazing time, even though they set me up with a freelance and on call number, I was told to not worry about calling in my hours because I was filling out a time card. Now it is January I've worked once at a Nordstroms downtown for two days in a row, this past weekend, which I did call in on my hours for.

I guess my question is, will i probably just not get paid for that day? I'm okay with that, because It was my first day, and although I made adequate sales, it was more so a good learning experience. In the future, who would I contact about this? In addition, how often do freelancers get paid when they work? Biweekly, bimonthly, etc?

What are the requirements to work as a freelance mua? I'm 18 years old with no professional experience or cosmetology school experience, however I do have my own portfolio and have had clients before. Would be it be even possible to try for the position? I'd really love to finally work as a makeup artist officially. You must log in or register to reply here. Originally Posted by thedrinkgirl Well let me tell you what my experience here in Las Vegas is with my new freelancing position at MAC. Originally Posted by CandyApples83 I just started as a freelancer, how often are freelancers paid usually?

They tried, in every way, to persuade me to advance in the company and apply for the coveted "Trainer" position. This was flattering. Again, this was flattering and heart warming. I felt loved in this job, and it afforded me room to grow leaps and bounds as a makeup-artist. I left because, although my career as a makeup artist was virtually spelled out for me at MAC, I am, by profession, a painter. And, canvases are my medium, not ultimately faces. I loved the people I worked with.

Emploi Make up artist Bruxelles

It was a magical place, and I'll never forget the times I had; also, I grew more than I could've ever expected in sales and in craft. I should say that working full-time was a great deal of physical and emotional effort. This left not-much energy for extracurricular activity on days off. And the salary was about enough to keep the lights on in a small studio in Brooklyn. Very inspiring and fun company to work for.

MAC cosmetics is one of the most prestigious make up companies in the world! Fun and efficient place to work.

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I love this job and intend to stay with it as long as possible. I always have a great experience with management and I think the people they choose to hire always work well together, ensuring a cohesive and pleasant workplace.

Fun and lively workplace. One of my favourite things about working at MAC is that everyday is different. Every customer who walks through the door has a different need, and it keeps the days fresh and interesting. I've learnt a lot about customer service and the impact we have on people and their day. Being genuine and compassionate is so important in this role. MAC is a very fun place to work. The team bond is so strong and we all get on so well; so when we are faced with challenging situations we are there to support each other.

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In certain situations I feel that the management team could of been more supportive, especially when I stepped in to my assistant manager role. I was unfamiliar with a lot of the procedures and would've felt more confident with more support from higher management. The hardest part about the job is the long,unsociable hours such as weekends and Christmas time. The most enjoyable part of the job is meeting all different people and making great connections with them. Great Experience. Really liked working for Mac Cosmetics, the learning experience was impeccable and met some really fabulous people.

Highly recommended place to work for with competitive salary. Amazing place to work so much fun such great energy. Mac was an amazing company to work for!

Freelancing for MAC cosmetics?

I learnt so much about myself, the industry and customer service while working there. I was able to grow personally and be a proud gay man while working in such an excepting environment. Productive and fun workplace. Working at MAC gave me the confidence to work as a make-up artist. The brand gives a lot of opportunities too. Develops creativity, techniques and knowledge. Beautylish is a diverse, positive, and respectful community.

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